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What did I do? Perfectly, what any mediocre journalism college student is informed to carry out: “Stick to the income.” What I find is loads of smoking cigarettes barrels which level to the personal enrichment of Dr. Baguirov in addition to a spiderweb of shell companies and small business companions.

Mr. Doostzadeh’s then goes on to both deny that Mihin-Banu and Shirin were being Arran’s queen and princess who lived in Mughan and Arran (historic areas of Azerbaijan, together with Shirvan and Other people) specifically in the Winter season months, mistaking them, deliberately, for Armenians, dependant on his intentional misunderstanding of a few prices and deliberate ignorance of Other people. He also ignores that the opposite heroine of Nizami, Nushaba from Iskander-nameh, was also a Barda queen.

When Mr. Doostzadeh is totally cornered and away from arguments, he claims that “the general policy of wikipedia is to employ what the most recent scholars take into consideration Nizami and never Students from 50 decades in the past from USSR.

Naturally Nizami usually praised Shirvanshah Akhsitan I somewhere else within the poem – He's In fact writing it for every the latter’s behalf and is particularly acquiring generously, we presume, paid. And his Turkic-born fourteen-12 months previous son has displayed excellent knowledge is convincing his father to go in advance.

By the way the Russian scholar that made that robust statement is will not be Armenian and even if he was, it doesn’t issue! Because you are applying some Armenian from 1950, whereas I'm able to use lots of Armenian Students from now in the event the USSR censors and Stalin will not be at operate! And Individually there is no evidence that Armenians gave Mr. Kapustin income to jot down this Except if Mr. Adil Baguirov has photo of the Armenian providing a suit circumstance of hundred dollar bills to this Russian scholar of Iranian reports!

If asked what small business he’s in, the conventional answer is logistics. He owns “American Electrical power LLC” which has offices on Troy Street. Interestingly, the final weblog posts on their site are 2013… It appears as soon as he bought his $5000 a 12 months occupation on University Board, the trucking company didn’t get the attention it when did. But, no problems, he’s got other ventures. Heaps of these.

And Mr. Doostzadeh’s feedback around the cartoons reminds me in the official propaganda mouthpiece from the mullah regime. In truth, they have tried to do a primitive harm Handle in the initial days from the incident, professing which the cartoonist was ethnic Azerbaijani – Though all South Azerbaijanis vehemently deny that. Although what would that change, there tend to be a handful of negative apples on any apple tree. discover this info here The cartoon incident was the last straw For lots of, Which’s why we saw up to one hundred,000 Azerbaijanis protest in Tabriz together with other towns, that’s why now you'll find at the very least forty lifeless due to the Iranian army, in addition to Basij’s and Ettalaat’s [Iranian KGB] repressive forces trying to manage the situation.

I signify, severely, who lives in the city of Dayton who'd be regarded potent leadership product? This can be what has harm town as well as location for many years.

به نِفرين تُرکان زَبان بَرگُشاد // که بی فِتنِه تُرکی زِ مادَر نَزاد//زِ چينی بِجُز browse around here چينِ اَبروُ مَخواه //ندارند پِيمان مردم نِگاه // سُخن راست گُفتند پيشينيان // که عَهد و وَفا نيست در چينيان // همه تَنگ چِشمی پَسنديده اند// فَراخی به چَشمِ کَسان ديده اند// خبر نی که مهر شما کين بُوَد// دل تُرکِ چين پُر خَمُ و چين بُوَد// اگر تُرکِ چينی وَفا داشتی // جهان زيرِ چين قَبا داشتی

Mr. Doostzadeh’s excuse that “Incidentally when judging a People ethnicity, we don't use 12th century time, but the modern time, wherever the two woman and male lineage are important” is shaky and Odd. Unless of course Iran and Azerbaijan have altered overnight in modern situations, the society and tradition in Those people nations prescribe that nationality passes through father, not mother.

Beneath standard higher education districts shouldn’t reward mediocrity with formal regard right up until at last they’ve obtained it.

Examine this post for other former soviet union Students which have additional resources refuted your theory following the breakup:

Plus the uncharacteristic silence and tacit approval within the board about Situation nine: a Engage in by Nan Whaley and town to jack up the earnings tax, partly, to fund a competing

sixteen) Mr. Baguirov is racist also(properly he accused me of it but his distate for Armenians reveals it). Certainly if Khamseh had just about anything to do with Azarbaijani Turkic speakers, then it might have been translated long way back to that language rather than within the Traditionally manipulated era of Stalin. According to praisal of Sultan Sanjar the Seljuq, other Persian poets have accomplished that in addition (even some modern ones) and he is called relative just king. Also the story is about an previous lady complaigning to her. And Every time the phrases Hindu/Turk manifest with each other, They are really taken as symbols rather then ethnicities. According to unfavorable terms about Turks, we can check out Alexanders reference to your Khaghans and also the Shirvanshah reported about Turks.

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